The Crow's Nest
Crows gather all kinds of things in their nests. They like shiny objects or whatever strikes their fancy. I, too, like to gather a variety of things, but unlike a crow, I like to share what I find, as well as what I create myself.
André Papillon, photograph of Jean Cocteau, 1939
Film will only become art when it’s materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper.
Jean Cocteau
© Philippe Halsman, 1948, Portrait of Jean Cocteau (with multiple hands)
“The greatest masterpiece in literature is only a dictionary out of order.” (Jean Cocteau)
Before the age of Photoshop, there was Philippe Halsman. His dynamic and imaginative photography broke the rules of the day by going against the soft focus style of the time and giving sharp focus to his subjects. He used both stage and darkroom techniques to produce gravity defying objects and invented new ways of interacting with subjects. (read more)
Jean Cocteau. La Sang d’un Poète (The Blood of the Poet) 1930
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