The Crow's Nest
Crows gather all kinds of things in their nests. They like shiny objects or whatever strikes their fancy. I, too, like to gather a variety of things, but unlike a crow, I like to share what I find, as well as what I create myself.
Sergio Cerchi, Clàirsach, Oil on canvas.
"Cerchi’s style, Figures and Geometries, constitutes his version of the real, accentuated by an ethical impulse that expresses not only artistic values but also philosophical, historical and psychosocial ones. From his first pictorial works with landscapes and vistas, his style evolved towards cubist evocations and re-workings of his own experiences."
Sergio Cerchi, Rain. Oil on canvas, 40 x 31,5.
Sergio Cerchi, ‘Sitting Red Haired Girl’, oil on canvas, 100x80
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